Of all of the places that you can be inspired to write about, Seattle is a fascinating topic. You can find much in the city and it’s attractions by reading online.

Today, if you were to go to RCG and ask about Seattle, you could plug into it with a search term such as “fascinating things to know about Seattle before you move there”. Here are some of the things that most people don’t realize about Seattle.6 Facts About Seattle

1. Yes, it does rain a lot in Seattle. However, it may be a slow trickle that doesn’t turn off in comparison to a torrential downpour that you would have in Atlanta, D.C. or Boston. It’s okay, though, it does eventually stop and during those warm sunny days, life is good in a fashion that California will never compare to nor understand (unless of course they happened to move from Seattle).

2. While Seattle is well known for its high-tech design, it’s even more well known for something else. Airplanes, Seattle is home to Boeing which builds airplanes and there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to airplane building.

3. The only thing that Seattleites talk about more than the weather is the traffic. If you’ve moved from a small town, you’re going to complain about the traffic. However, if you moved here from a rather larger metropolis such as L.A. or even Houston, you’re going to think that the traffic is no big deal. Typically, you can get just about anywhere in Seattle within a half an hour. Blue state people will laugh about this. Red state people complain about the parking, the bridge traffic (i.e. the floating bridge or 520) and ask why there aren’t more bridges. You’ll find the answer to this in number 4.

4. Ironically, the truth of the matter is that Seattle, in spite of the fact that it’s the hub of the state for technology and airplanes, isn’t really all that big. There are plenty of theaters, ballets, sports team events, skyscrapers, music and more, however, you’re going to feel more rural in life here than in other large metropolis towns. All in all, Seattle likes retaining the hometown feel.

5. Many people find this fact hard to believe. Seattle is actually closer to Asia than the country of Mexico. If you like Mexican food, you’re going to learn to love pho from Asia. The quicker you accept this fact, and stop saying that the Mexican food is better in Seattle than in California, the sooner you’re going to be happier and find out that there are still some stellar Asian restaurants in the area that you can dine in. Speaking of good food, growing up in California Mexican food was better than what I’ve found here in Seattle. Go for the Asian food, you won’t regret your decision.

6. Here is a reason you get lost in Seattle. The intersection that is located at NE 50 Street and 40th Ave NE is actually about a mile away from that of the intersection of 50th Ave NE and NE 40 Street. All of the street names utilize the number system. Starting at one they go in nine different directions. Nw, N, Ne and then SW, S, SE and East or West or blank. Confused yet? Directions radiate out so that they may not be city specific however, it can be very confusing.

I’m sure whoever designed this had some form of logic in mind, however, until you’ve lived her a while, plan on being lost, a lot. You’re going to be late or miss appointments entirely for a while. Hang in there, you’ll catch on soon enough.

If you’re planning on buying a house, you will want a real estate agent for sure here. That way you’ll be able to locate the homes you wish to see.

On a related note, Redfin has suggested new street names. They feature real estate business names. This way they say you’ll be able to find the agents. However, they can’t seem to get a consensus on this request.

2 thoughts on “6 Facts About Seattle

  1. Beside the sprinkle, the queers, and the medications, Seattle is a decent place to live. Wrongdoing has turned into a genuine issue in numerous areas, it’s getting more costly to live year every year, and we continue choosing degenerate weirdos to open office. 35 years back Seattle was the best city in America. Presently is a showy duplicate of it’s previous self.

    Incredible espresso, extraordinary brew, brilliant summers, and being so pet well disposed is it’s best focuses..

  2. I traveled to Seattle a year ago and totally cherished the city and every little thing about it. The sustenance, the bottling works, downtown, Ballard, Fremont, Edmonds, the view, the general population, the orcas, everything was extraordinary. The main negative thing I could say in regards to the city was the movement. It appears like the city blasted and the foundation can’t deal with it, so it’s gridlocked. I headed to Portland and the drive down the parkway between the 2 urban communities was simply wonderful! This article depicted Portland pretty precisely yet I would not begrudge it. Following 24 hours I couldn’t endure to get of there and drive back to Seattle. Those individuals are simply bizarre. At any rate I could see myself living in Seattle and adoring it. So whoever is considering taking the dive do what needs to be done!

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