Need to sell your home quickly? There is much tried-and-true advice out there, both for offline and online purposes. Here is some of the best advice to make the most of your house-selling experience.

Selling In The Spring
Spring is the prime home-buying season because the weather is usually beautiful, and the kids are likely either on spring break, or, if it’s around May, they might be getting out of school for the summer. Knowing this, make sure your home is primed and ready by about March or April.

The Price is Right
When considering how much to price your house, an ideal avenue is to contact a realtor. They know the local housing market like no one else, and will help you find that sweet spot that will gain you profit, gain them a nice commission and the buyers a house that’s in their price range and ready for them to sign on the dotted line if they really like what they see.

Getting the House Ready
house marketWhen prepping your house for sale, there’s a specific checklist you’ll want to follow in order to get your house sold and off the market nearly as quickly as you and the realtor list it. Here are some of the highlights you’ll want to hit especially hard.
Be curb-friendly: catch up on yard, garden and lawn maintenance, or if maintenance is a regular thing for you, do a little extra tidying up in the months or weeks prior to listing. Do whatever it takes to make your house have curb appeal.

Depersonalize your space:

It might seem painful to take down and stow away your personal favorite knick-knacks, family photos, etc. But you want your future buyers to be able to envision themselves in the house. This might even mean repainting the walls. A common recommended palette is in the white-to-neutral beige range. Also, get rid of extra furniture, if you can. This allows for a blank canvas for the buyer.
Hire an inspector: this is part and parcel of the home-buying and home-selling process. If you have an inspector look at your home for any potential problems, you can get them fixed even before your house hits the market.

Listing the House
Again, you’ll likely want to hire a realtor for this, because they would be in charge of making sure your listing gets on sites like Trulia, and Zillow. Also, when listing your home, you might want to invest in hiring a professional photographer who knows how to photograph homes in the best light possible. Thirdly, take photos of regional attractions, restaurants, schools, etc. You’re not just selling your home, you’re selling the neighborhood and the lifestyle.

Selling your home can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle to get your home sold quickly, either. Having this knowledge in hand can make the road to a sale—and your new home—a lot smoother.

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