At first glance you may think that hiring the buyers agent is something that you should not do as the price tag is too high. In reality, working with professionals like can actually help you to save a lot of stress, time and money on the long run. The money that you manage to save normally covers the fee and a whole lot more. You want to work with licensed and experienced buyers agents as that can make the investment you make a whole lot more profitable, no matter what your reasons are.

In most situations the buyers agent will offer 2 service levels as a minimum:

  • Full service – this is where agents find the suitable shortlist properties that will meet the criteria of the client, negotiate deals and recommend purchases.
  • Negotiation service – this is when a buyers agent will just negotiate the deals and the bids instead of also looking for the properties that may be suitable.


A buyers agent is going to offer a huge advantage over the other party you deal with. This is because of the fact that he/she completely understands the entire buying process, including bidding tactics and more. The agent will never be emotional attached and can be completely objective. If you are an investor that wants to buy the very best property, you simply cannot afford to be objective. Because of this, you would want the agent in your corner to offer a great helping hand. Fees will normally be flat or percentage of the purchase. What is really interesting is that the fee will be paid by the seller so you should not even worry about this.

We can say that there are so many different reasons why the buyers agent is a smart idea for you when you want to buy any real estate property. The most important ones are the following:

  • You can access to a much wider choice in the properties that could be bought. This does include real estate properties that are not actually advertised through regular channels.
  • Clients gain a lot of free time that can be used for other purposes. There is no longer a need to do the research since the agents do that for the clients.
  • Buyers agents have the possibility of negotiating prices that are so much better than what could be done without the real estate market knowledge that they possess.
  • The entire frustration and stress associated with looking at properties that are unsuitable will disappear.
  • Investors manage to build a great portfolio by simply locating the best properties in areas that will show huge growth.
  • Investors are faced with due diligence and additional confidence.

On the whole, we can say that it is a really good idea to buy a property with the help of the buyers agent. This is something that you want to seriously consider. In the event that you do not have such a person in your corner, there is a pretty good possibility you are going to make a huge mistake. The money that you spend will be a lot more than what you could with the help.


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