Remember the moment when you bought your house? It was the most amazing castle in the most beautiful fairytale-like surroundings. Now, as the time goes by, you were changing, but your home remained the same. No matter if you want to freshen it up a bit to make you fall in love with it again, or you want to upgrade it before you put it on the market and find yourself a new castle. Don’t worry, the renovation doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Here are some small changes that can drastically transform your house with minimal investment.

Work on Functionality

A cluttered and unorganized space can only cause stress and anxiety. The easiest fix? Get rid of all the things you don’t need and throw them in the shed, give them to charity or throw them away. The next step is getting enough efficient storage space in the house. Replace the old shelves that occupy a lot of space and replace them for cabinet-high pullout drawers or walk-in closets. Also, you should upgrade your kitchen and bathroom storage with pull-out pot trays, dividers, etc.

Light It Up

Lighting can make or break a house’s ambience. If you can’t afford a new window, consider installing solar light tubes which slip between the roof rafters and channels the sunlight directly into the living room. Also, you should switch your old light bulbs with LED varieties and layer the light with an overhead fixture, floor and wall lamps.

Add Window Treatments

Some window treatments, such as drapes can add softness and a stylish punch to bedroom and the living room. But window treatments are much more than just elements of style. They provide with privacy, block the sunlight when it is bothering you, keep your home cool and reduce heat gain. Some treatments, such as window blinds are really affordable, so find some cheap blinds online and install them in your kitchen, bathroom, home office, etc.

paint the walls

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls is the simplest and the cheapest way to give your home a bit of pizzazz. It can instantly freshen up the space and make you feel more pleasant in it. When choosing the colors for each room, you can use color psychology or be guided by the latest trends. The top color palette for 2016/2017 are earthy tones, but you can also be guided by Pantone’s choice for the twin colors of the years Rose Quartz (mild pink) and Serenity (cool blue).

Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

It’s no secret that kitchen and the bathroom sell the house, even to its owner. If you want to fall in love in your home again, you have to make some upgrades in both rooms. You can reface (changing the doors) or refinish (repainting) old cabinets to give the kitchen a fresher look. Other cost-effective upgrades would be to change out the countertops, get some energy-efficient appliances, install new fixtures, update accessories (outlet covers, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, etc.) and tiling the floor.

A Quick Bathroom Facelift

Bathroom upgrades can make your home feel much more luxurious, that is if you’re on top of your game. First, deal with the “ugly” features. Remove the rust from the old tub/sink and reglaze it. Repaint the old ugly pipes and heaters. Refinish or repaint the vanity doors. Now add a relaxing spa-like tone to your bathroom. If you have enough room, organize a seating area – an armchair, a coffee table, shaggy rug, fresh flowers and a wall lamp – what more could one wish for?

Hopefully, after these changes, you’ll remember why you fell in love with your home in the first place and that it will again look like a castle to you. If not, don’t worry, these small investments will still have a purpose of increasing the house’s value when you decide to sell.

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