There are many challenges to selling a home but one of the most difficult is trying to see a home when the sellers are already moving out. Having half-empty rooms and moving boxes everywhere will make even the most beautiful home unappealing to prospective buyers. In addition, a move often leaves a home looking abandoned and banged up.

If you find yourself in this undesirable position of trying to sell your home mid-move, there are several steps you can take to help your prospective buyers overlook the chaos to see the beautiful home that is hiding underneath.

Get Pictures of the Home in Advance

Get Pictures of the Home

A real estate agent should work with the sellers before the move to get as many flattering shots of the house as possible. He or she should help them stage the rooms so they show off to their best advantage. Getting those pictures before the moving boxes come out can make a big difference.  These pictures can be used for the online listing and it’s even a great idea to blow them up and put them on easels in the rooms so that prospective buyers can at least visualize the possibilities of the home.

Creating a video “love letter” from the sellers about the house is another great way to stage the home before the boxes take over. That way, prospective buyers will be able to watch a virtual tour of the house and see what the sellers loved about the house. The sellers will also be able to point out any interesting details that they hope a buyer will enjoy. The video can also show off great attributes of the neighborhood such as telling them about a local coffee shop or fitness center.

Be Smart About Scheduling

As much as possible, try to stay away from showing the home during the peak times for packing and don’t ever show it on moving day. Get a schedule of when the home will be presentable from the sellers ahead of time. If they are mainly packing on the weekends, try to show the house on weekdays when they are at work.

Try to Contain the Chaos When Selling a Home
Try to Contain the Chaos When Selling a Home
During showings, ask the homeowners if they can keep their moving paraphernalia under control. Maybe they can keep packing materials and moving boxes in one room. Or maybe they can leave little homey touches out until the very last minute. Wall art, candles or books will help prospective buyers envision themselves living in and enjoying the home.

Throw in Some Goodies

As the owners if they will consider leaving behind a few items that might entice prospective buyers. This might include the washer and dry or stainless steel appliances that are included in the purchase price or maybe they will leave an outdoor play set. Any of these can be a big incentive to the average homebuyer because it will reduce future costs after this major purchase. They will feel like they are getting a big bonus.

Sustain the Curb Appeal

A home that is empty or almost empty often starts to look neglected. Arrangements should be made to be sure the grass is cut in the summer and ice and snow are shoveled in the winter. Since the interior of the home is empty try to offset that with nice staging of the exterior of the home. It would be nice to add a nice wreath, a rocker on the front porch, a homey welcome mat and colorful pots of flowers.

Selling a Home

Make sure the backyard is not neglected. Gardens, flowerbeds and grass must be maintained regularly. If the yard has large trees make sure their branches and leaves are cleared, particularly in the autumn. A garden will be unattractive if it is overtaken by weeds so make sure the owner harvests any herbs or fresh vegetables before they leave.

Keep Things Fresh

After the homeowners are gone, open all the windows and air the home out every couple of days. Buyers who might be interested in the house will quickly lose interest if the house is musty and feels closed-in. Also look for things that need to be wiped down or dusted while you’re airing the house out. These regular, small bits of maintenance will help keep the house from being forlorn and feeling vacant.

Once the owners have moved out, you will probably notice that more than the air needs freshening. Inspect the house of scuffs and bumps. If there are, ask the homeowners to repaint the walls or touch them up after everything is out of the house. The house will look pristine an as though it is ready to sell. The walls will be about the only things for the buyers to look at if the house is vacant so make sure they are appealing.

Even though it is not idea to sell a home while the homeowners are moving out, it can be done with some planning and teamwork. You can turn this potential headache into a very successful sale.

3 thoughts on “Tips For Selling A Home During A Move

  1. The tips in this post for selling my home during the holidays will be really useful. I might have to sell my house during the holidays so that I can move in with my mom to take care of her and to accept a new job offer. Selling it before the end of the year is important to me, so it will help me to know that being flexible with open houses and creating virtual tours and pictures could help buyers see what my home can offer them. I should use these principles to make it possible to sell before next year. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Posting land properties in free property postings will be perfect amid summer since you can really see the magnificence of the property that you are wanting to contribute on. Yet, reality is that in this season costs may likewise get to be higher. This is a truly extraordinary article.

  3. That is GREAT guidance. I wish I would have had that rundown before my enormous move. Particularly #s 1 and 2. The main thing I could include: Start doing that immediately and every night in the wake of sorting, take the crates of things that don’t make the slice straightforwardly to the auto to be taken to their new destination the following day. Returned everything else perfectly in its place, no wreckage. I would likewise put a sticker on the base of any thing that is required for organizing yet don’t need in your new home. That way whoever is pressing will know not it aside in an assigned zone. Ideally on moving day all you need to consider is pressing up the guardians and how marvelous your new home will be!
    I anticipate your next post.

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