Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada, is beautiful, in case you have not heard. But, it is not the only reason to call it home.

It has a great variety of good restaurants for both tourists and residents alike. The popular vacation destination makes for an extra load of visitors from spring time into November. It means that some parts of the city are busier during those periods of time.

The local community is small, values its by-laws, and boasts more cops per capita than any other place in Canada. Though, it is a small community where people all know one another and are proud of Victoria.

They enjoy balmy weather, where yes, it does the Pacific Northwest constant drizzle most of the year. For anyone who thinks it is just like Vancouver, it actually is less rainy. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria has the advantage of getting far less rain than Vancouver because it is not in the deep of the rain shadow of Olympic Mountains.

It is train-, pedestrian- and bike-friendly. It is easy to get around without a car because of a robust transit system that is in place.

Though it is an island, and for that reason, it is more complicated and costly  to get off to the mainland. It involves waiting to board the ferry, riding across and then disembarking to start other journeys.

The ferry takes an hour and a half. Though, driving to it and wait time is what takes up the majority of time to get back to Vancouver.

Victoria is both a charming and lovely place where both the young and retired take up residence. It can feel like a sleepy city to those who are looking for Toronto, but it is still good for people looking to escape Canada’s harsh winters.
Victoria, British Columbia
The largest art gallery has some great exhibits but limited in its scale when compared to bigger cities, such as Vancouver.

Victoria real estate is expensive, because it is both limited on an island, and the community values its housing. That means that you may have to rely upon apartments and the rental market, which have been known to waver in Victoria.

Work can be challenging to come by. Though, in a small town it is all about who you know, not so much what you know. So, make good relationships with your neighbors in Victoria, because they may just be your source for work too.

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