If you are named as the executor of anyone’s estate, you are in for a job that is very important, but it can also be very demanding. There are certain steps that have to be made in order to satisfy local and Federal estate laws and the complexity can be daunting at time.

Fortunately there are resources online to help the executor get through the complexities of the situation, as to what to file, when to file, keeping track of the finances and everything else to get the estate into probate if that is going to have to be, and distributing the assets according to any will that might be present.

There are many duties that an executor of an estate has that must be performed along with the accompanying paperwork. Local help is available at the courthouse too, but there is nothing like having a step-by-step guide right in front of you that you can use as you traverse you way through the necessary duties.

Some of the online tools allows the executor to share information with other members of the family, which helps to avoid any misconceptions that might accrue. This provides a transparency to others and will inform them of what is going on. Many times other relatives don’t understand the complexities and delays that can occur with the bureaucracies of the government.

There is probably a timeline too, which will walk you through the list of necessary tasks to get accomplished such as obtaining copies of certified death certificates, dealing with Social Security, arranging the funeral, setting up a bank account, handling life insurance policies, any trusts that had been set up. and the filing of forms.

Rules for states, and even counties may differ from each other, and they certainly differ from Federal guidelines for the handling of estates. If the estate is large and fairly complex, then a lawyer should be hired, which is another duty of the executor.

Just having general knowledge of how an estate settlement works is not enough, as the executor has a steep learning curve that must be mastered quickly and as he or she goes along. Each estate is different too, as some people leave a very detailed will, and others leave no will at all, and things can be in a state of disarray. Having an online guide to get the executor through the will and the steps in setting up the estate is a great benefit.


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